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Identifying a problem with a concrete footing is an essential part of repairing your home. In addition to identifying the problem, you will need to choose the correct material for your footing. You will also need to excavate the area and pour the steel reinforcing rods.

Repairing a Rickety Concrete Footing

Using a hammer and a large concrete drill bit, you can remove the old post and replace it with a new one. You should remove the crumbling and fibrous part of the old post before replacing it. Then, dig a new hole for the new post about eight inches deeper than the old one. Make sure that the new one slopes away from the old post.

You may also need steel splints or braces to stabilize the rotted posts. The easiest splints to use are those called E-Z Mender. These splints, which come in different shapes, are made from 12 gauge steel and are powder coated to prevent rust. You can also purchase U-shaped steel jackets, which are 28 inches long and have a sharp point on one end. Steel jackets can also be attached to the existing footing with nails.

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structural steel contractor

Choosing the Right Material for a Footing

Choosing the right material for a foot, replacement or repair is a crucial step in the construction process. If the ground beneath a footing is soft or unstable, it may be necessary to excavate and/or pierce down through the soil. A footing made of compacted gravel or lean fill is an ideal solution for soft soil. Another simple solution for soft soil is to widen the footing. This method will double the bearing surface of the footing. The widening will also increase the amount of soil that can be used.

In addition to using the right materials, it is important to consider the type of soil that the footing is made of. Soft clay, for instance, can be present in areas where a footing is to be replaced. Stakes in these areas will sink. You may need to widen the footing or compact cobbles into the mud to compensate.

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Correcting a Mistake in a Footing

Depending on the soil condition, there are many options for correcting a mistake in a footing. A small mistake can be fixed by adding gravel to the footing, or by casting an augmented footing and connecting it to the existing one with dowels that are epoxied into the existing footing. If you have a weak soil, you may need to augment the footing with steel or concrete to provide the proper strength.

Generally speaking, minor mistakes aren’t a big deal in soil that is strong enough for a foundation. However, in soils that are weak, it’s more important to follow the rules for footing design. Otherwise, the footing will not be properly supported and may even crack.

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structural steel contractor

Estimating the Cost of a Footing Replacement

Estimating the cost of a footing or pier footer replacement is an essential step in repairing your foundation. There are many factors that determine the cost. One factor is the type of footing you have. For example, a one-story house that sits on firm soil can use six-inch footings, whereas a three-story house on unstable ground may need a 40-inch footing. Concrete footings range in price from $3 to $7 per square foot, and most contractors measure by linear foot, rather than square footage.

The type of footing you need will depend on the type of home you have and the location of the foundation. Whether your house is single-story or two-story will determine the type and size of footings you need. In addition to that, you should look at local building codes, which vary from city to city. Some areas of the country have stricter building codes than others. If you are in a colder climate, you may want to have your footings placed deeper so that they will not shift during freezing. Also, it’s a good idea to talk with your contractor to find out whether they have completed projects similar to yours before. The best idea is to get at least three estimates.

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